Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working

How To Fix Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working?

Hisense is a big name in TV and electronics; those TVs are well-equipped with advanced technology and automated features to free them from manual stuff. One of the critical features of the TV unit is the Remote. Hisense has partnered with the world’s biggest search engine giant, Google, to work on your commands for their Fire Stick (Remotes). But after all the technology, they are still machines and, over time, Hisense TV google assistant not working. 

In this article, we will figure out the root causes of Hisense TV google assistant not working and how to save it from further damage. 

1. Verify That The TV Is Connected To The Internet

All the devices of Hisense and Google run on a Wi-Fi connection. It would help if you were very prompt with your internet service to attain smooth performance from the google assistance remote. 

You can turn off the Wi-Fi switch and restart it or wait for the weather to clear to improve the internet speed. But if it does not help, you should ask a mechanic to make things work.

2. Check For Any Network-Related Errors On The TV

You can easily reconcile the network-related errors; they are straightforward unless the domain is not damaged. You can fix the network issue if services from the Wi-Fi server are fine. 

You can refer TV Manual and Google Assistant manual if you’re Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working. Or you can refer to this article and change the settings and enable Google assistant to check network connectivity. Lastly, you can call a technician to become your helping hand in this. 

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3. Check For Any Available Updates

Google Assistant App is an ever-progressive app; they introduce many gradations with new and exciting features but on the condition that you are ready to update the system on time. 

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Updating software is easy if you have a modern TV, as they auto-update the software, but with old Hisense TV, you will need to go to Settings and Software versions to know whether it’s time to update software or not.

If you can’t find the option to Update the software option, it is easy, you don’t need to bother much with that technician, but you go to “Settings” and then tap on the “System Version,” where you can find the option to update TV if an update becomes necessary.

4. Ensure That The TV And Google Assistant App Are Compatible

With frequent upgrades, the Google Assistant app and Hisense TV must be consistent after every system update. This becomes the user’s duty to sync the software version as the company prescribes. 

After the system update, Google Assistant and Hisense TV allow you the option to verify the settings and design to make them pairable; you can find the setting edit option on the menu after each upgradation. 

5. Confirm That The Google Assistant Feature Is Enabled

Sometimes with an old version, Google Assistant is not enabled by default. You must manually browse the menu bar and select the Assistant option to make Google Assistant work on your verbal commands and to avoid Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working issue. 

6. Check That The TV And Google Assistant App Are Linked

Even after enabling Google Assistant, you must ensure you’ve enabled the TV and Google Assistant to make them work simultaneously. 

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How To Prevent The Problem In The Future?

If you take care of Google Assistant from the start, you won’t need to panic later. It takes minor details to ensure the smooth working of Google assistant with the LCD. 

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Here are simple tips to prevent Google assistant from stopping at work. 

  • Don’t use separate Wi-Fi for TV and Google Assistant. Please make sure both of them are connected with the same Internet connection. 
  • Keep track of recent updates and do update the software on time. 
  • Keep your Google Account always logged in and update the password on Google assistant when you change it.

Causes Of Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working

Hisense is known for its efficacy in TV and emerged as one of the best-selling companies for LCD and LEDs. But again, even though the company is renowned for its quality, its services can get you stuck in ugly cases. Due to rough use or other reasons, Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working as efficiently as it should.

Let’s see the various explanations for the Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working. 

Network Connectivity Issues

A network connection is an unsung but fundamental reason for the Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working. All Google devices work on the internet, and you need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection to make their operation smooth. Click here to troubleshoot if your Hisense TV Wifi Keeps Turning Off.

Outdated Software

Updated Software is necessary to keep your assistant working on command; you don’t have to update the remote for this but make your TV compatible with the remote and make the necessary changes to ensure the software is updated. Besides, old software can also cause Hisense TV Vertical Lines On Screen, and Hisense TV won’t turn ON. So ensure to stay up to date in firmware versions.

Incompatible Devices Or Apps

Your Google Assistant remote should always be compatible with the devices with the Hisense TV; if you accidentally damage your remote, don’t buy any random fire stick but the one that works cordially with your TV. 

Incorrect Settings Or Configurations

Google has several operations in the Firestick niche; they make different firesticks for various purposes. If you buy a fire stick other than the default one, you need to be very specific with the configuration of the new fire assistant. 

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Concluding The Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working Issue

Google Assistant is an associated feature with a fire stick remote; you don’t need to worry about manually changing, but when the firestick gets bad, you need various alternative solutions to keep the channels running. 

Let’s discuss all the possible ways for reconciliation in a nutshell; when google assistant goes wrong, you can check on the following things. 

  • Connectivity with the internet
  • TV and Google Assitant compatibility 
  • Check on the system and software update
  • Re-do the default settings and configure them as per software requirements. 
  • Verify The internet services with Google Assistant to make two of them work vigorously. 
  • Enable the Google Assistant service if you use the old model of Hisense TV. 

These are some essential guides to reconciling the malfunctioning of Google assistant when it shows tantrums, but if it does not work, you need to consult a professional techie to get the job done rightly. 

Additional Support Options Available.

Even after trying as many efforts as you can, still if Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working. It’s time to switch to a better alternative compatible with TV as vigorously as Google Assistant. 

Here is the list of alternatives for when Google Assistant goes down. 

  • IR Remotes
  • DameWare Mini Remote
  • Zank Remote
  • Mi Remote Controller 

All these remotes are good alternative options when Google assistant does not perform. 

Google is for sure serving a wide population in various means and assists us to ease out the work, but you cannot expect evergreen efficient performance if the services are not up to date. This article can be your virtual guide to making attempts when your Hisense TV Google Assistant Not Working as expected and how to reconcile the possible causes for it.

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