Google TV Won't Connect To Wifi

How To Fix Google TV Won’t Connect To Wifi?

Do you have issues like Google TV won’t connect to WiFi?

This guide will explain why your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi and how to fix this issue.

So without wasting much time, let us dive in. 

There are many reasons why your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi, from a damaged router to malfunctioning VPNs. 

Check Your Passwords

The most common reason Google TV won’t connect to WiFi, but a phone will, is that you often enter incorrect WiFi passwords or IDs. 

Hence make sure to select the correct WiFi network. 

  • Navigate to Settings on your Google TV remote or Google Home app
settings on TCL TV 1
  • Then select the option Network and Internet
  • Tap on WiFi
Click on your WiFi on Google TV
  • Click on your WiFi Network 
  • Now enter your WiFi password to connect to the desired WiFi network.
password for Google TV wifi

Below are some tips for entering the correct password constantly.

  • Ensure you have selected the show password option while entering the password field. So that you can check what you type in the respective box
  • Remember to correctly enter upper- or lower-case letters, as the passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Use a password that is easier to remember while entering the TV.
  • Double-check the password once you have entered it by checking the notes on your tablet or smartphone.

Weak Signals

If your WiFi network is weak, your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi and will lose its connection. So examine the strength of the signals from the router to the Google TV. 

You can use the below steps to check your WiFi signal strength.

  • Press the Home button on your Google TV remote control.
  • Select the option Settings
  • Now choose General
  • Then tap on the Network and scroll over the Network Settings.
  • Select the option Wireless.
  • Here in the list of wireless networks, you can see how many bars your preferred Network has. 
WiFi network on google TV

The poor signal strength could be due to the distance between your Google TV and the router. Another reason would be too many objects like walls and large decor units

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To resolve this, Google TV won’t connect to WiFi issue here; you can try placing your router close to your TV.

Or else you can use a WiFi repeater to increase the signal strength. (WiFi repeaters are also known as WiFi extenders). 

Reset Your Network Settings

If your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi or you are having trouble connecting to WiFi, one such good way is to reset the network settings in Google TV. 

Follow these steps on your Google TV.

  • Urge towards the Settings menu using your Google TV remote 
  • Choose General
  • Then select the option Network
  • Finally, select the option “Reset” network

Now connect to the Network, and you should get your issue resolved. 

Try A Different Wireless Network.

Connecting to another or different Network from the regular one can help resolve the issue if there is any glitch in the WiFi hardware or functionality.

Besides, your mobile hotspot is the easiest way to connect to another network. 

Suppose your Google TV connects to your mobile hotspot, and you can use the internet; then note that there is no problem with your TV. The problem may be with your router. 

Reset Your Google TV

Sometimes the issue of Google TV won’t connect to WiFi may occur because of corrupted settings or errors in the Google TV settings.

Hence a soft reset or a reboot helps to restart the Google TV fresh and stop any apps malfunctioning in the background. 

Here is a simple guide for a soft reset on your Google TV

  • Disconnect the power cable from the TV
Connect the power cable of your TV back
  • Wait for a minute or two
  • Connect the power cable back into the power outlet
Disconnect the power cable of your TV
  • Wait for the Google TV to start again.

Here is a simple guide for a restart TV

  • Disconnect the TV 
  • Press & hold the “Power button” on your remote for atleast 30 seconds
  • Connect your TV back to the power source
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Use An Ethernet Cable.

Your WiFi router may find it difficult to connect to the wireless signal and use the internet.

But you can test this by establishing an ethernet connection from the Google TV to the ethernet port in the modem or router. 

Try connecting an ethernet cable using the following method.

  • Connect an ethernet cable on the modem or router to Google TV’s backside.
  • Press the Home button on the remote 
  • Choose the option Settings
  • Then tap on General
  • Choose the Network
  • Click on the OK button

Now the Google TV will connect to the wireless Network, and you will find the issue fixed.

If you cannot resolve the issue, note that there is no problem with the router’s functionality.

Restart Your Modem Or Router

If you have forgotten to restart or the modem turns off for a while, the settings might have corrupted. These interruptions will make your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi. 

For soft resetting the modem or router, you have to 

  • Unplug your modem or router from the power.
  • Wait for one to two minutes.
  • Plug the modem or router back into the power supply
  • Switch ON the router if you have a switch
  • Wait for about 5 minutes

Finally, the router will go through a startup process, and you will now enjoy your internet connection.

Opt For A Factory Reset

Have you noticed that many of your problems will be fixed by factory resetting because of software glitches?

Take note of your passwords, IDs, favorites, and everything else, as the reset option will erase everything. 

The steps for a factory reset are here; 

  • Press the “Settings button” on your remote.
  • Tap on System
system on google TV
  • Select Reset
reset on google TV
  • Tap on Factory Reset
factory reset the TCL Google TV
  • Enter 0000 in the security PIN field (if you have not changed your PIN)
enter PIN on Google TV
  • Now confirm by clicking on OK
OK on google TV

Update Your Firmware

If your router or modem firmware is not up to date, it may not work well with your Google TV, and as a result, your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi.

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Besides, it can also cause interference with the network signal. 

Therefore, ensure you are using the latest firmware, which does not create any incompatibility or interference issues. For this, you can visit the manufacturer’s website on how to update your firmware. 

Configure Your DNS 

Suppose there is instability in the network connection; modifying your DNS settings will get your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi fixed.

If your current DNS servers are creating disruptions and there is trouble accessing websites, the best decision is to change to Google’s public DNS servers. 

To manually change your DNS settings, follow this procedure.

  • Press the Home key on your remote 
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select the Network 
  • Tap on the Network Status
  • Click on IP Settings
  • Here select DNS settings
  • Choose “Enter manually.”
  • Choose the DNS server
  • Enter
  • Connect now

Upgrade Your WiFi Router

If the above solutions do not work for your Google TV won’t connect to WiFi issue, fine; it is time to upgrade the router you use in your home. 

The latest routers are designed to support some devices more than the old ones. And this implies less chance for interference and weak signals between your TV and the router. 

Besides, we are sure that the new routers are sufficient and more than enough to offer coverage for your home, even if it is large.

A router upgradation will always provide better results, even for longer distances. 

Final Words: Google TV Won’t Connect To WiFi

You may feel that the steps to resolve the issue of Google TV won’t connect to WiFi might be long, but trying one by one will help you fix the problem. 

At last, if you are not able to resolve your issue even after trying these solutions, you must visit the Support Center or a Professional without delay. 

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