Espressif Inc Device On My Network

What Is Espressif Inc Device On My Network?

Are you on the way to learning about the Espressif Inc device on my network? Right then, this post is entirely for you. 

A few days back, I observed that my network showed like an Espressif Inc device, and I was blinking What is Espressif Inc Device On My Network?

Finally, after a long research on the internet, I came to know about it. So I decided to share everything. Read on! 

About Espressif Espressif Systems

What Is Espressif Device? 

Before getting into detail about “What is Espressif Inc Device On My Network,” you need to know about Espressif devices. 

Espressif Systems is a company known for manufacturing semiconductors and is specialized in creating Wireless Modules for several smart devices in the market. 

Milestones Espressif Systems 2023

In today’s world, most devices use Espressif Wireless Modules, as many people are interested in buying smart devices for their homes.

Milestones Espressif Systems 2008

So there is a higher probability that several people around you might know about the Espressif device or even use Espressif device.

Espressif Device

The Espressif devices are generally coded as ESP32 and ESP8266 and are available at competitive prices in the market. 

What Is Espressif Inc Device On My Network? 8

What Is Espressif On My Network?

In recent times if you observe that Espressif is on your network and are willing to know what is Espressif Inc Device On My Network, it is pretty simple.

The “Espressif Inc Device On My Network” indicates that one or more devices in your home use Espressif System Wi-Fi. 

You will notice a prompt in the network whenever you install new smart appliances or devices in your home.

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And this prompt indicates that some new smart devices are connected to your home network. 

Also, there are software like Netscanner and a few other apps to determine the manufacturers of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

For this, perform a scan on your network using the Netscanner and switch ON port scan for port 80 in the available options. Ensure that you can access port 80 on your device from the netscanner.  

Espressif Systems design the Espressif Wi-Fi module, and the modules are directly installed into the security systems.

The best thing about these modules is that they have a reliable and functional design, suitable for working in different environments. 

Furthermore, the modules have advanced circuitries that help modify the imperfections (if any) in the external surroundings.

The Espressif device consumes low power, grained clock gating, and power scaling. The temperature lies between 40 to 125 degree Celsius. 

The Espressif device can adapt to several power modes as the software complies with everything.

The circuit board in these modules has minimal requirements, including filters, power optimization modules, and amplifiers. 

Beyond this, the Espressif module has a separate and dedicated system with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.

There are RTOS and Wi-Fi, which functions well to enhance the power processing for developers and programmers. 

Additionally, there is an IoT Espressif application in the Espressif devices, which is helpful for smartphone users.

The primary function of this app is that it helps control the connected Wi-Fi devices locally and remotely. 

Those who don’t have smart plugs and smart devices note that an unauthorized or masked device is trying to use your network.

Thus turn on your antivirus and VPN immediately to ensure high security to your network. In contrast, you can also block the device that tries to access your network. 

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Also, whenever you install any VPN, use a fast internet connection. In case your Ethernet is Slower than Wi-Fi, troubleshoot it before installing.

How To Turn On Your Antivirus?

Most systems today come with antivirus software or programs already installed in them. However, using an OEM antivirus like Windows Defender for Windows users is good

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Below are the steps on how to activate windows defender. 

  • Click on Start
  • Head towards Settings
  • Choose Privacy and Security 
  • Here, select Windows Security
  • Click on Open Windows Security 
  • Now choose Virus and Threat protection

Check whether all the settings are turned ON now. Alternatively, you can search for virus and threat protection straight from your search bar. 

How To Access An Espressif Inc Device On My Network?

If you know about the “Espressif Inc Device On My Network,” accessing them is relatively easy. Here is a simple guide on accessing an Espressif Inc device on my network. 

  • You can access it simply by opening your browser and signing into your router’s IP address. 
  • Make sure to confirm the IP address with your router manufacturer. 
  • You can see all the devices connected to your network right after you log in. 
  • Here you can also remove any devices (if it is unknown to you) and rename devices (for easy identification)

Which Types Of Devices Identify Them As Espressif Inc Devices?

Since Espressif Wireless Network modules can be used on several smart home appliances or products, it is not easy to identify the devices that use this Espressif Wi-Fi.

The type of devices varies, like smart bulbs, smart power outlets, video doorbells, smart robots, and other smart equipment.  

As stated earlier in this post, you can use Netscanner to find the manufacturer of each device connected to your network. 

How To Block An Unknown Espressif Device On Your Network?

Here is the most straightforward way to block any unidentified device from your network. Sign in to the router from your web browser and block the device from the Settings menu. 

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Check the IP address of the router and login details with your manufacturer before logging in. The username and password by default are “Admin,” or you can have it blank. 

How To Know If A Device Is An Espressif Device?

Let me share two simple ways here. 

The first one is 

  • Disconnect all the devices connected to your network. 
  • Reboot your router. 
  • Then reconnect them one by one after some time. 
  • You will get the names or their MAC addresses while you reconnect them. 


  • Change your password for the wireless network.
  • Make sure that all the devices are disconnected
  • Now note the names or MAC addresses while they reconnect to your network
  • Finally, when the Espressif device connects, you can easily trace the Espressif device. 

Generally, most Espressif devices use a 2.4 GHz wireless band, so do extensive research. Likewise, check both your wireless bands if a device gets connected and you cannot see it. 

Bottom Line For Espressif Inc Device On My Network

A few of you might have questions like whether we must worry about displaying the “Espressif Inc Device On My Network.” 

NO! Nothing much to worry about regarding your network indicating Espressif Inc device as long as the connected devices are yours. 

Similarly, you may sometimes feel that your devices have security vulnerabilities. In such cases, you can connect your device to a more secure one.

Likewise, if you are techy, you can also try updating the Wi-Fi module to enhance security and performance. 

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