Apps Not Working On TCL TV

How To Fix Apps Not Working On TCL TV?

Having a smart TV with the apps not working on TCL TV is the most frustrating thing nowadays, and it feels like the smart TV is useless! Who likes to use an old-age TV with a cable connection that limits us from watching several things?

Primarily we love smart TVs that help us do smart things like watching multiple shows, watching our favorite web series and live programs, playing games, and even web browsing from the comfort of our homes. 

But what would it be like if the apps not working on TCL TV? Do you experiencing the same, don’t worry. This post will discuss how to troubleshoot the issue in detail. 

Following are a few things you can do to resolve if your apps not working on TCL TV. 

Fix 1: Reboot Your Smart TV

Although rebooting looks like a traditional method to solve any problem with electronic devices, trust me, it will do wonders. A background issue might stop the applications from opening or loading on your smart TV. Hence by restarting your TCL TV (making your apps refreshed), you can get rid of apps not working on TCL TV. 

Below are the instructions to restart your TCL smart TV; 

  • Press the home button with the help of your remote
  • Choose settings
  • Navigate to system
  • Select power
  • Then choose system restart
  • Lastly, click on the “OK to confirm” the restarting process

In case you are not able to restart your TCL TV with the help of this method, try the following steps. Plug out the power plug of your TCL TV from the wall socket, wait for 2 minutes, and plug the power plug back into the wall socket. 

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Fix 2: Reset Your Network Connection.

Your TCL smart TV may not have a stable or strong internet connection. Moreover, a few apps did not even open when there was no stable internet connection. If you have such a kind of internet connection, below are the steps you can try to restore the internet connection. 

  • Press the “home button” on a TV remote
  • Navigate to settings
  • Click on system
  • Choose system restart
  • Search for advanced system settings
  • Select network connection reset
  • Then tap on reset connection

Now check whether you have eliminated the apps not working on TCL TV problem. 

Fix 3: Update Your TCL TV

Using the TCL smart TV with old or outdated firmware often results in some issues. This is because the companies periodically release updates to fix the previous drawbacks in firmware versions and new technologies to make smart devices more efficient. Therefore if you fail to update your TCL TV, your TV will be easily prone to specific problems, like a TCL TV black screen and apps not working on TCL TV. 

Now here is how to update your TCL smart TV. 

  • Click on the home button with the help of your remote control.
  • Head towards settings
  • Choose System
  • Select system update 
  • Click on “Check Now”
  • Once you click, the TV will check for available updates. Suppose there are any firmware versions, download and install. 
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Remember not to turn off your TCL TV once the update or installation is in process. After updating the firmware, the device will automatically reboot once to launch the updates. 

Fix 4: Reinstall The Applications

If the above methods are not your favorite toffee, keep hope; try this trick to eliminate your apps not working on TCL TV issue. 

Sometimes there are some issues in the application, and as a result, the app not working on TCL TV. Also, you can confirm this possibility by noticing the app opening and closing immediately. In this scenario, without any delay, you can uninstall and reinstall the application which is troubling you!

  • Open your settings, 
  • Head to the application manager
  • Remove the app (which does not work for you)
  • Now you could have deleted the application. 
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Download the app (if you need it) from the play store. Besides, remember that the TCL Roku TV does not come with a google play store, and we are not sure that this method helps you if you have that type of TV. 

Fix 5: Factory Reset Your TCL TV.

When you have tried all the other options and still if your apps not working on TCL TV, then this would be the last choice for you. Yes, factory reset is the final friend who helps most users, even in the worst scenario. 

Without any further delay, here is the procedure; 

  • Click on the home button
  • Navigate to settings
  • Select System 
  • Then choose advanced system settings
  • Click on factory reset
  • Tap on factory reset everything
  • Finally, click on Ok to confirm the factory reset process.
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TCL TV Is Not Opening Apps 

With any smart TV produced after 2014, TCL has placed Roku within it to stream content directly on TV through the internet. Users can enjoy accessing multiple applications, streaming platforms, and other online services through this media player. However, how can you enjoy these if the TCL TV does not open apps? 

Thus if your TCL TV is not opening apps, the first step you have to take is to restart your TV. For this, press the home button, and choose settings, system, and power. Select system restart, “restart,” and press the OK button. Now as you have confirmed the reset process, the general issues will be resolved (if any). 

Once you have done this, head toward the application you like to open and check whether the issue has been resolved. Still, if you face any problems, you can update your TCL TV firmware and the steps mentioned above (Update your TCL TV) in detail. 

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TCL TV Won’t Download Apps.

Other than the apps not working on TCL TV, you may face the issue of not being able to download any applications on your TCL TV. The apps may be Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, and many others of your choice. So what causes the apps not to download on TCL TV, and how to resolve the issue? 

The first and foremost fix you can try is to check the status of your internet connection. To do this, press the home key on your TCL remote, head to settings, choose “network,” and then “about.” Here select network status, where you can find your signal strength. The status will display whether the network strength is excellent, poor, or good. Suppose your strength is poor, then you cannot download any apps. 

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If you noticed that your signal strength is not the issue but are still unable to download the apps, you could turn on the “system speed up option” (you can find this on the right corner of the home screen). The home screen is nothing much but the launcher. Once you turned on, you may be able to download the apps using the speed optimization technique. 

Bottom Line For Apps Not Working On TCL TV

Technologies and software have revolutionized the way we use our televisions. Much content, such as music, video, and games, available on streaming platforms, makes us not strive to watch new content. 

Even if you are not in the mood to watch the latest web series, smart TVs will entertain you with melodious songs, the ability to browse the internet, and so many others. But what is for entertainment if the apps not working on TCL TV? 

We could feel you and so the above troubleshooting steps. Try each one with patience, and never miss any methods, as we do not know which strategy will help you! 

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